Propaganda In Adolf Hitler

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Propaganda is publication of information designed to control and convinces people to think and act in a certain way and maximize regimes like Nazi Regime. According to Adolf Hitler, “Propaganda is trying to impose a doctrine on the whole people. Propaganda works on the public position and proceeds from the idea of making the audience poised to accept this idea.” During the rise of Nazism in Germany in the thirties of the last century period, it was not anti-Semitism something new or unknown. Jews have suffered at the time from a long history of prejudice and persecution. And associated equipment Semitism manifested itself in a comprehensive national policy known as the Final Solution, and this is what did not get seen before, which sought to eliminate Jews from the face of the earth. In the quest for the success of this policy, Adolf Hitler founded the riche minister which was managed by Joseph Gobbles, convinced German people that Jews was the reason for the economic depression. And it spreads in the press widely, and built to blame the Jews for all the developments in Germany problems, including the loss of the First World War, and returned lying to the Middle Ages, claiming that Jews were engaged in acts of killing Christian children in a ritual to them and use their blood in the unleavened bread, eaten at Easter holiday they have named Passover.
Adolf Hitler was born in April 2, 1889 in a small Austrian village called "Bruno". It was not Hitler who wanted to regular
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