Propaganda In George Bush's Speech

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The first type of propaganda located in Bush’s speech is one that Miller names is Name Calling. Miller defines name calling as, “a device to make us form a judgment without examining the evidence on which it should be based” (211). Bush uses terms such as “terrorist”, “traitor” and “enemies”. All of these terms Bush used are terms that incline a negative meaning. He stated to the American people, the world leaders, the congress, as well as all government officials in the US, that the Al Qaeda are in fact, traitors, terrorists, and enemies. Bush was pointing his fingers towards the Al Qaeda while looking at the American people that they were the bad guys, whom we had to fight against. He called them these names in hopes, that we would blindly…show more content…
Bush wanted the American people to get angry, he wanted them to have a rise in emotion. He enriched our pathos. By doing so, Bush evocated anger in the audience. He wanted anger and to blindly follow. After all, an angry nation is a blind nation that will follow anyone. He tapped into our hurt and pain. Whenever, an American thinks terrorists the feeling of defense comes to rising as well hatred. When hatred, as well as defense, come into play the person will follow anything that has a strong leading standpoint. Thus being, where Bush took his best grasp on the audience. Bush played on the emotions or in other words on the pathos. Bush made it clear of his intentions, he wanted the nation to blindly follow him in his potential war on terror. Bush was able to get the whole nation as well as the world leaders around him to come together to believe that in fact, the Al- Qaeda were terrorists, traitors, and enemies. The people were lost and in the middle of chaos. They did not notice the fine line between what was a rumor and pure fact. Bush stepped up as the leader of the nation when the nation was controlled by fear. The fear overran their sense of rational thinking making them easily manipulated. Which lead to Bush’s ability to gain attention and
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