Propaganda In Hitler's Speech

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During Adolph Hitler’s speech to thousands of German women at the National Socialist Women’s Organization in Nuremberg in 1934, the Nazi vision was expressed by mobilizing support amongst Protestant and Catholic German women to produce multiple children. Hitler’s speech reveals how the rejection of emancipation and an increase in childbearing is required in order to secure the German homeland for the future through expansion of military strength and size. Primarily, women were persuaded to reject Jewish intellectual ideas of emancipation which were deemed hostile for marital relationships and Germany’s future. Moreover, a strong push for traditional patriarchal values reaffirming women’s duty to bear children on behalf of providence was aimed at increasing the size of the German population. Furthermore, the desire to expand the Aryan race to fuel Germany’s army was required to ensure a stable and prosperous future. A pivotal point of this speech was to emphasize the malicious intent of Jews in spreading ideas of…show more content…
Hitler played on existing tensions with Jews, and used the inherent conflict present within relationships to relate to his audience and solicit support for his vision. The delivery of Hitler’s agenda as a speech allowed many to whiteness his support though long-lasting applause which promotes excitement and acceptance for the party and can persuade resisters to embrace this message. This speech shares similarities to the German Women speech given by Dr. Joseph Goebbels which focuses on women’s role in raising children. ****(site other text) A limitation in this argument is that not all German women wanted to raise their children to be fighters for Germany. However, it is likely that these highly influential speeches had a significant impact of women’s perception during this
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