Nazi Propaganda In On Hitler's Mountain

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Hitler and the Nazis knew the fact that the German people had an overall group mentality, so they would be more receptive to Nazi propaganda. Irmgard Hunt was one of the many who grew up under Hitler’s power; In On Hitler’s Mountain, Hunt recounts her childhood growing up during his rise to power, and as she grew older, the harsh reality of war awakened her distrust of the Nazi propaganda she was taught to believe in her entire life. “..the Nazis were in full control of all branches of government, the military, and the media” (Hunt 41). This shows the Nazis propaganda tactic to win the loyalty of the German citizens was by taking full control of all forms of media in Germany and censoring or eliminating viewpoints in any way threatening to…show more content…
Adolf Hitler uses anxiety and fear and wields an emotional appeal to promise a cure for the dejection occurring in Germany. Hitler successfully tapped into the emotions of the German citizens who felt that Germany was suffering and that there was no one to hear their voice. He kept on repeating his message, again and again, playing on the fears of the people even as he promised to solve their problems. Not only did he make them feel they needed him, but he made sure they truly believed there was nobody else that could do what he can; this physiological method put the German people in a corner, giving them no choice, but to put their faith and trust into his hands. The Führer was able to manipulate a majority of Germany, including Irmgard Hunt’s family, into believing his hopeful lies. In On Hitler’s Mountain, Hunt recounts her childhood under Adolf Hitler’s rule. Looking back on her childhood, Hunt questions how Hitler was able to make the country follow him but then she remembered what her mother said, back then after the war was over, “If there were a bad economic downturn or perhaps a war with the Soviets, Americans might too accept a leader who promised to save them and the fatherland” (Hunt 270). Hunt’s mother was able to recognize how Hitler used Germany’s struggles to his advantage. After World War I, Germany was struggling in many ways. Hitler promised to fix all of these problems and the people of Germany wanted and needed someone to look to for hope- Hitler provided that and more to the people. Not only did he promise better, he claimed he could make them the best country in the world. Of course, he is not the first leader to use this method so he must have learned this from somebody else. Hitler was many things and a bookworm
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