Propaganda In The Handmaids Tale

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To begin, the foundation of every government’s power has always been fear. Governments depend on public fear to secure societal position. Tracing back to thousands of years ago, governments relied primarily on conquests. The research author Robert Higgs argues, “Losers who were not slain in the conquest itself had to endure the consequent rape and pillage and in the long term to acquiesce in the continuing payment of tribute to the insistent rulers.” In other words, Higgs’s point emphasizes that the government violently conquested lands and hence attacked people living there in the old times. Subjugated people feared for their security hence chose to sacrifice their wealth for security which now has evolved as the form of taxation. Furthermore, rulers often declared themselves to be a god in…show more content…
By utilizing propaganda through mass media, fear-based and false campaigns to create a“camouflage” rhetoric, the government perfectly shapes public opinions and manipulates societal action in a way that best benefits those who hold positions of power. Such approaches are reflected In The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood. The Republic of Gilead contains a strict class and hierarchy which the government requires everyone to perform a certain role. On the surface, Gilead appears to be a perfect society. Yet, the totalitarian aspects of gilead take over. Even though the American society has evolved out of strict hierarchy and class roles, aspects of the government still remain alike. For example, Gilead have eyes to spy on people. Gilead utilizes media and news to promote Gileadian ideals and values. In such society, reliable information are difficult to obtain. Equivalently, in reality too. Hence, the Republic of Gilead serves as a perfect representation of the current society which indicates that the American government had always contained the potential factors that can lead to the present governmental
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