Propaganda Used In Nazi Germany

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Nazi Media How was Nazi Media a really big thing. Nazi media was used in different ways. Nazi Germany used propaganda to make others look bad. They also were really big on their censorship they believed what they had in mind should of been followed and nothing else but their beliefs. Another is that how their people look and what they did.

How was propaganda used and it what ways ? Well one of the ways propaganda was used was in a form of a newspaper. Newspapers were used to spread what was going on in the Nazi party. January 30 1933 hitler had came to power and he did not take a long time to basically let Nazis to power all newspapers. This allowed for all the ideas to be heard. Nazis
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Propaganda was also in forms of cartoons . Cartons were in newspapers that nazi had control over. In the cartoons it told nothing but lies about jews and that they do not belong in the german society because they they were subhuman to the nazis. Propaganda was not just mainly about jews but it was for Siniti and Gypsies , political dissidents, and gays. They believed that this would be harmful to the health of the society.Although Nazi germany was heaven to germans, it was a living hell to others , such as the untermensch, the jews, African people, basically anyone who was not a German. The untermensch which in German means disabled people , were killed each and every day. At least like four
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