Propaganda Used In Political Speech

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How is propaganda used in political speeches?
Language is considered to be a very strong tool for conveying ideas and communicate with different people. All of us definitely use language for different purposes but the way it is used to express oneself is said to be quite effective and should be looked forward. Propaganda is a part of public speaking, where the writer/narrator tries to influence the audience with emotion or deceptive logic. It mainly emphasizes on false or just one part of the situation used by the political leaders.
One of the most common themes used in propaganda is ‘us vs. them’ where the speaker aims to persuade the audience to join with them and go against the enemy party. In short, it is used by those who are experts in convincing people.
While delivering a persuasive speech, the speaker must keep three things in mind; the arrangement, the style and the delivery. The arrangement refers to the most basic organization of ideas and that is- introduction, body and conclusion with proper connections. Complex arrangements of ideas are required for showcasing a persuasive presentation. As a result, a well organized speech allows the audience to stay connected and go with the flow of the speaker’s ideas. The style is referred to how language is used to shape the message and craft the personality of the speaker. Style pertains towards the choice of words and the use of stylistic devices that includes similes, metaphors, irony, etc. Delivery refers the vocal use
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