Propagandas During WWII

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Propaganda’s were popular during 1941-1945 because it helped unified the public behind the effort of the war to make other people help. Soon women began to help build war materials and resources that could help win the war or help rebuild after the war. There was never victory for the Axis because of all the support from men, “Women power” and children. A lot of posters that were put up helped encourage the americans and gave them spirit. Propaganda’s were very important and a major help during the war and to the people. In these two posters represent what the war was mainly about, winning the war and unifying the people. The first propaganda campaign is known as “Rosie the Riveter”who was a huge role model to all women who worked during…show more content…
The propaganda’s did encourage the acceptance of the impending against jews and the nazi’s who decided to step in and restore control. But they made a propaganda that was seen by the germans to remind them of the struggle against their enemies. For both america and the nazi’s, these propagandas played a big role for both of them. Although propagandas soon showed violence against the jews in 1935. The emotion for both of these examples are very different. For america, it gave them courage and rights for the women who worked in the factories and it helped them eventually win the war. For the nazi’s did the exact opposite because it showed the murder and destruction that was caused. When you think of america you think of a great country but when you think of the nazi’s you think of war, death and destruction. The nazi’s will most likely to be forgotten to this day even though it caused terrible destruction for the jews. The flaws to the american propagandas was the lack of women rights that they should of had. Yet it did encourage a lot of women when the caption on one of them said “We can do it”. I think that women need to be represented more often. The flaws for the nazi’s were the killing of the jews and the massive destruction. Also the fear that the jews have and till this day the lost loved ones will be remembered as this was also called the
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