Propane Properties: The Physical Properties Of An Alkane

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Alkanes Properties . The physical properties of alkanes are not the same for the whole group. Each individual alkane has different appearances with a broad range of colours and odours according to their structure. Despite the variety of physical traits within this homologues group, the chemical traits of an alkane are in a pattern form. For example, alkane’s boiling points increase as the chain of carbons increase. As seen in figure 2, between the first eight straight chained alkanes there is a smooth increase boiling point that coincides with the increase of number of carbons atom in the chain of each molecule. [3] Figure 2: Boiling Points of Alkanes[4] Another property of an alkane is its flammability. When the molecular size of an alkane increases, the percentage of carbon in that alkane also increases. As a result, the number of carbons in a straight chain alkane increases, alkanes become less flammable.[5] Alkane’s volatility decreases with the increase of the number of carbons in the chain. Volatility refers to the ability of a liquid to change into a vapour state which is the state that substances burn in.[6] Propane’s Properties . Being odourless and colourless, propane follows the chemical properties of an alkane. The chemical properties of propane are directly linked to its structure and intermolecular forces. When focusing on
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