Properties Of The Internet Essay

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a) Describe the properties of today’s Internet AND architecture of the Internet.
The Internet can be defined as a global network that connects all the other computer networks from around the world [1]. Thus, it is the largest network that consists of a collection of networks. Some of the main properties and characteristics of today’s Internet are its global nature, interactivity, accessibility, and anonymity [2]. The Internet connects more than 1.9 billion human being in over 190 countries, thus asserting its global nature [2]. The second property of the Internet is that it is interactive [2]. It allows users to communicate with other users through various applications such as Skype, Whatsapp and Gmail. The users can search any information they want as long as it is available on the Internet and they can even post or upload new information if they want to. The third is the Internet is accessible to almost everyone [2]. As long as someone has Internet connection, they can use the Internet however they want. This includes doing research on the Web and/or uploading videos to Youtube. Anonymity is another property of the Internet as users are not
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Internet of Things or commonly known as IoT refers to the interconnection of devices that can communicate with each other and are connected to the Internet [17]. The devices in this system are called smart devices or simply things, where these things have sensors and embedded system that allows them to have computing power [17]. The things can be remotely accessed and controlled via the Internet [17]. There are some very useful implementations of this technology as it could help us to work more efficiently and the data collected through the things could enable us to gain more insight into some problems. The Internet of Thing has many possible applications in various fields such as in medical, transportation, energy management and media
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