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Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computer Science & Information Systems Property Rental System Opus Ltd Student Name: Sydney Roque G. Chiu Student ID: 018800020003 Software Project Management U08784 Table Of Contents OVERVIEW 3 OBJECTIVE 6 PROJECT PLAN 8 METHOD PROJECT ORGANIZATION Proposed Timeline Deliverables OVERALL DELIVERABLES Quality Control 17 Recommendations 19 Conclusion 20 References 21 Overview Opus Technology is a leading software company that has been in the industry since it was founded in year 2000, since then the company has gained the trust of most top notch company because of the company 's very useful software…show more content…
The Property client is one of the leading property company in Singapore, most of the property listing currently is on paper and filing of these papers are very hard work for property agents. The client want to have a system that is accessible everywhere via internet and all resources can be shared to potential customers across the globe. The main focus of the software is to reach people and expand the market to internet users. As we already knew internet users number is growing each and every day. Study shows that almost all people are using internet now as means of communication and research. So property client decides to bring the business to the internet for convenience for both property staff and property costumers. As the team manager in OPUS TECHNOLOGY, I will prepare a recommendation to the client, this will be a new development of Property Rental software by OPUS TECHNOLOGY. Time and resources will be estimated for this project. This software should deliver the…show more content…
This will monitor the standard and the level quality. Quality assurance is very important to achieve what is desired goal on this Property Software Project. This is very important role to guarantee the level of quality to the end client. Quality Assurance team will work separately with the developers to secure free bias of judgement through the testing process. Communication One of the vital part of software development is communication. 1. Debugging - At the middle of the development this will be needed to make sure that before or after the project is done only minimal bugs will exist and it is also a way of addressing software malfunctions early that can affect other functionalities to make sure it is removed completely in the software. 2. Accessibility Testing - Since the PROPERTY RENTAL software is on the internet and available thru web, this test is to verify that the portal is accessible to those who have disabilities. e.g. blind, deaf, and mentally disabled. 3. Overall Quality Acceptance Testing - OPUS TECH will conduct overall testing of the PROPERTY SOFTWARE to pass the quality acceptance standards without this any product of OPUS Tech will not go into production. This testing will covers as follow • Functional Testing • Performance Testing • UI Testing • Security

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