Prophecies In Palace Of Illusions

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A prophecy is a statement that says what is going to happen in the future, especially one that is based on what one believes about a particular matter rather that existing facts . Prophecies play an important role in making decisions as a prophecy can force someone to do something that he or she would not have done under normal circumstances. In many stories and epics, prophecies are used to justify the actions of a character and the decisions they make.
Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni has brought forth Mahabharat from Draupadi’s point of view in the book ‘Palace of Illusions’. In the book a prophecy was made at the time of Draupadi’s and Dhristadyumna’s birth that Draupadi would ‘change the course of history’. This prophecy led Draupadi to get
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When Kansa discovered that Krishna is Devaki’s eighth child, then he sent demons to destroy the child. But every time Krishna managed to kill all the demons. If Kansa would not have panicked after hearing the prophecy and would not have imprisoned his sister then Krishna would not have had any reason to kill Kansa. So Kansa thought that he is avoiding the prophecy but he dug up a hole for himself and made the prophecy come true. King Kansna should also have realized that a prophecy cannot be avoided, instead of acting in such a way he should have remained calm and should have thought his way out.
Another example of people trying to avoid a prophecy is in the Greek mythology. Zeus was having an affair with a sea nymph, Thetis who had a prophecy that her son will be greater than his father. After hearing the prophecy Zeus panicked and forced Thetis to marry a mortal king, Peleus. Zeus took the extreme actions because he didn’t want to lose his power of the King of the Gods. If the prophecy would not have been made, then Thetis’ life would not have been destroyed and she might have married an immortal and would have lived her life without any concern of the fate of his
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