Prophet Muhammad Case Study

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Altruistic Service Leadership Prophet Muhammad’s Model Cross-Application to Modern Leadership Practices A Guide for Leaders Ismail Noor Altruistic Service Leadership Prophet Muhammad’s Leadership Model The Paragon of Excellence “Endeavour to reach (the conduct of) Muhammad For the Right Way of Life is pursuit in his footprints. If you fail to reach him, all else is falsehood and error.” - Iqbal DEDICATION In the name of our Creator, Allah SWT, may it please Him that I express my appreciation to the Right Honourable Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Malaysia’s…show more content…
Each chapter can represent a training module, which can appropriately be accompanied by selected critical incidents, simulations and/or group or personal exercises. The aim is to mentally stimulate and physiologically enthuse the participants into interactive mode so as to progressively enhance the learning process through experiential learning. This guidebook is deemed essential for all Muslim managers, not just for those who manage the training or human resource development function in organizations, but also for all managers – the rationale being that every single manager performs the role of people developer. It does not preclude non-Muslims from using it because the Qu’ran exhorts its central, universal message to all of mankind. Leadership is a human facet that should be handled with a great sense of trust and humility, the trust from God Almighty to prosper the earth we live on and the trust the comes from people of all races, religion, creed and culture. The Prophet of Islam was the embodiment of this trust and humility that with the power he wielded, he did not succumb to the corruption, multiple sins or even misdemeanours of his era. Such a leadership model is certainly worth emulating for all times.…show more content…
MAP OF PROPHET MUHAMMAD’S ARABIA CONTENTS Table of Contents Introduction Eulogies from the Outside 11 Chapter 1 The Leadership Function 16 Chapter 2 Prophet Muhammad’s Leadership Model 19 Chapter 3 A Visionary Turned Transformational Leader 45 Chapter 4 As Manager-Administrator-Diplomat 52 Chapter 5 The Prophet as a Military Commander 62 Chapter 6 The Prophet in the Role of an Economic Leader, Social Master 74 Chapter 7 The Seven-Step Process of Managing Change 84 Chapter 8 The Prophet Muhammad as Team Leader 91 Chapter 9 Prophet Muhammad - the Family Man

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