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There are many instances in the seerah (Prophetic biography) that illustrate the moral soundness of the Prophet Muhammad (Salallaho AlaiHe Wasallam). One of these stories exemplifies the strength of the trust people had in him. It happened near the beginning of his prophethood. He summoned the people of Quraysh to the foot of a mountain and called out to them, saying: "Would you believe me if I told you an enemy host was waiting behind this hill to attack you?" Everyone, including those who would soon become his enemies, agreed that they would believe him.
Although we may have heard this story many times, it may be difficult to grasp the true significance of that moment; an entire
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Abu Talib had many children but he always treated the Prophet Muhammad (Salallaho AlaiHe Wasallam)as his own and did not deprive him of what he needed. He was known to be a generous man and would always feed the pilgrims when they would come to make pilgrimage.
Because of his intense generosity, Abu Talib was poor and struggled to keep his family fed. At the young age of thirteen, Prophet Muhammad (Salallaho AlaiHe Wasallam)decided that he never wanted to be a burden on the shoulders of his uncle and wanted to fend for himself. In a time where being a shepherd was seen to be lowly and unrewarding, the young Prophet sacrificed his own image and became a shepherd, receiving the lowest pay possible.
He did whatever he could to make sure that his uncle did not have to struggle to keep him fed and carried his own weight around the house. He stayed patient and rose in ranks in the work force until he became a successful business man by the age of twenty-five. It is at this time, in a highly chauvinistic society, that Lady Khadijah hired him to work for her. Just as his ego did not prevent him from a lowly job when he needed it, again his ego did not prevent him from working for a successful woman, whom he would eventually
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