Prophets Vs Modern Day Essay

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There is a future in prophecy because there will always be things that need to be corrected in everyday life. An old testament prophet is a person who speaks on behalf of God to the people in need. Similarly, a modern day speaks on behalf of a community or a group in need to correct a certain problem. There are many differences between these two types of prophets which are explained throughout this essay. One major difference is how the message was delivered across to people. Modern day prophets can get the message across through social media or speech whereas old testament prophets got the message out through word. An example of a modern day prophet who got the message out through song is Midnight Oil, Midnight Oil preached equality amongst Aboriginals in our society. Old testament prophets spoke verbally because there was no advanced technology. An…show more content…
People’s response to prophecy differed from the old testament to modern day. As people responded to old testament prophets in a pessimistic way. An example of this is when Amos preached against social injustice and people did not want to listen to him. However, the modern day prophets get similar yet different responses. When Nelson Mandela first preached for Human rights he was locked away for many years. When he came back people listened to his word and attempted to make a change. Peoples overall response to prophecy is different between the individuals but more people listen in the modern day. Overall, there is an extreme difference between old testament and modern day prophecy. These differences include the deliverance of message, the response of the people and the things that were being prophesised. Prophecy is extremely important in everyday life and there is a future in prophecy because things need to be spoken out against such as war, political issues, and social injustice. Prophecy serves as a testament of correction to mistakes of
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