Propion Corynebacterium Lab Report

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Introduction Propionibacterium acnes or former Corynebacterium parvum is an important bacterial agent which acts as a multifunctional microorganism. This bacterium is seen in different parts of the human body; from conjunctivae, oral cavity, and nares to intestinal and respiratory tracts. The biochemical properties of P.acnes are related to the bacterial functions and activities. This bacterium is a slow growing Gram +ive, anaerobic and microaerophilic bacillus which is able to produce propionic acid as a fermentative microbial product. P.acnes populations cover 50% of the human skin normal flora; however, the number of populations differs in different part of the body. It ranges from <10 cells/cm2 on the nose to 107 cells/cm2 on the human…show more content…
Nutritions, temperature, oxygen, pH, microbial products and antagonistic and synergistic effects are determinant factors which predispose the condition of residue of cutaneous normal flora populations. The ability of enzymes secretions in microorganisms is another factor for their colonization on the surface of the skin; because the presence of microbial extracellular enzymes on the human skin makes a wide range of nutrition accessible for microorganisms (12,…show more content…
However, the minor populations of patients have severe infection of acne vulgaris. There are many factors which may lead to occurrence of acne vulgaris. The most important factor regarding appearance of acne vulgaris is known as genetic predisposition which is accompanied by deep hormonal changes. The prevalence of acne vulgaris in Dark skin/black people, the Mediterranean region people, the Caspian Sea region and the Persian Gulf region people is higher than other regions. Moreover, young boys (male teenagers) and adult women are the main target for acne vulgaris. Acne vulgaris progresses through 4 steps including blockage of the follicle via propagation and keratinization of follicular epidermis, overwhelmed lipid storage, activity of resident normalflora populations of P.acnes, and the appearance of inflammation
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