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1.3. Propolis
1.3.1. Propolis is collected by bees from leaf buds and bark.
The word propolis was probably coined by Aristotle from the Greek words "pro," meaning "in front of" and "polis," meaning "city." The combined meaning then becomes "in front of the city‚" or "defender of the city (or beehive)‚" and this is how bees use propolis. It is used to construct protective walls at the hive entrances, to keep the hive warm and to keep predators away. It is also used to glue movable parts down, strengthen hive structure and varnish the interior walls, and helps to eliminate contaminating microorganisms from the hive. (78)
Propolis is derived from a variety of resinous, gummy substances harvested by bees from the buds, young shoots or tree bark
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Most of the scientific work on the composition, pharmacological and medicinal uses of propolis has however been done in the last 40 years, and there is now substantial evidence of its antimicrobial properties. (80)
1.3.2. Medical applications of propolis
Propolis is used in a number of products including over-the-counter preparations for cold symptoms (upper respiratory tract infections, flu, common cold) and dermatological preparations to accelerate the healing of wounds, burns, acne, herpes and neurodermatitis.
Propolis extract has antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. These properties vary according to its source and the way it is prepared. Vasiliev and coworkers (1979) undertook a study of 40 infants with candidiasis, in which conventional therapy had failed. They applied a preparation of propolis extract, water and honey to the infected areas of the infants. A marked improvement was evident by the second day, with complete recovery by the fourth or fifth day. In another study, a 30% propolis ointment was used to treat chapped skin of infants where conventional therapy had failed, and all recovered. A 70% alcohol tincture of propolis was also found to be very effective against fungi infecting skin and nails.

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