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Proposal The issue The issue is Baby Seal Hunting. The seals are mainly killed for their pelts, but hunters also sell their blubber, which is used to make ‘seal oil’ and sold as a health supplement, and the penises, which are a popular ingredient in aphrodisiacs in some Asian markets. So what happens is that every year around spring when the seal pups start shedding their white fuzzy fur. A hundred to thousand Canadian Fisherman ( Newfoundland and the Magdalen Islands of Quebec) find their way to the floes and proceed to club, bludgeon, shoot, and skin tens to hundreds of thousands of harp seals. About 95% of the seals killed in the ‘hunt’ are 3 weeks to 3 months old. The areas that the seals are hunted at are Canada, the United States, Namibia,…show more content…
The Boycott of Namibian seafood is also a potent weapon in the fight to end the slaughter of Cape fur seals in Namibia. In the 1980’s, these two strategies were implemented in Europe. Today, the United States, the largest importer of Canadian seafood, is involved in the Canadian seafood boycott. takes the point of view that all efforts to end this slaughter are valuable, but this strategy is their most effective tool to save the seals. Since late 2004, has been promoting the boycott of Canadian seafood in order to pressure the Canadian fishing industry to stop supporting the massacre of seals. In 2013, added a boycott of Namibian seafood to end the Cape fur seal slaughter. So the reason that they are Boycotting Canadian Seafood is because most of the Canadian sealers are fishermen. Sealing is an off-season activity for them, just a way to earn a few dollars before the start of the fishing season. Their income from selling pelts is only about 5% of their income. So now, if they did not kill seals. The Canadian Government will pay them for unemployment compensation, money that the Canadian Government provides fishermen during their

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