Proposal For Abortion Essay

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FRANCISCO M.P MUGIZI, PhD 13102 PROPOSAL FOR ADVANCED MACROECONOMICS ASSIGNMENT Parental Death and Children’s Education Attainment Introduction Although Tanzania has recorded an improvement in life expectancy over the recent years from 43.9 in 1961 to 61.49 in 2013, her life expectancy is still low compared to that of developed countries. Apart from high infant mortality rate mainly due to malaria, young parents’ mortality rate is relatively high. The latter is mainly caused by prevalence of several diseases such as malaria and HIV/AIDS, and recently road accidents mainly car and motorcycle accidents. Yet, another source specific to women is maternal deaths, for example in 2010 the country had 460 deaths per 100,000 live births. One of the serious effects of high young parents’ mortality is that many children are becoming orphans either by losing one or both parents. Indeed, there is no doubt that loss of parent(s) at a childhood is not only likely to have a lot of economic but also social and psychological effects to the orphans. Moreover, the severity of the loss is likely to be higher in developing countries like Tanzania where social securities are almost not in existence and the few available are still at infant stages and their coverage is urban based. Orphanhood can influence schooling through different channels. According to Sharma (2006), these channels include: One, death of a parent especially that of an income-earner do affect labor allocation within the
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