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Research Proposal:
A Proposal to Conduct a Research on the Nursing Handover Process

Research Proposal:
A Proposal to Conduct a Research on the Nursing Handover Process
Regarding the activities and operations within the healthcare sector, when a patient is transferred across particular administrative departments associated with the therapeutic treatment, and when the shifts of the healthcare professionals especially the nurses are changed, one can notice various stages through which the control and the duty regarding the patient gets transferred from one nursing assistant to other, and through which the essential data related to the patient is likewise transferred or shared. This is generally and widely known as the handover or handoff procedure. The communicative correspondence taking place amid the change of the
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Some of the key problems of handoff arise from disintegration of EGRs (Electronically Generated Records) during handoff and lack of structured formats for handoff communication. Despite the introduction of electronic health records, nurses continue to use verbal reports and non-digital reports to relay information during the handoff process including the use of scrap papers. One can easily find out that there are no standardized handoff procedures in a number of healthcare facilities across the globe. The lack of a standardized handoff procedure at this facility has been supported by a study by Alghenaimi (2012). Of the 20 nurses who were interviewed by the researcher, none reported the existent of a standard written handoff policy, with 71.35% of the 112 nurses from the hospital reporting that there was no actual handoff policy at the facility. Therefore, it can be generally stated that the current handoff procedures hardly succeed to meet the required international standards of handoff

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