Proposal On Emotional Intelligence

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Research Proposal
“An Exploratory Study of the Impact of Leader’s Emotional Intelligence Abilities on Leadership Effectiveness and Follower’s Job Satisfaction in Pakistan Army”

Since the introduction of the concept of emotional intelligence in the 1990s, there has been a growing interest in researching the effect of emotional intelligence in developing effective leaders and organizations. Leaders who can identify and understand emotional interactions within an organization may be better equipped to comprehend and utilize emotional information about the social relationships that occur in the organization; thereby allowing them to be more effective leaders. While previous research focused on the relationship between emotional intelligence and leader performance (George, 2000, “Emotions and leadership”; Goleman, 1998, Working with emotional intelligence; Lewis, 2000, “When leaders display emotion: How followers respond to negative emotional expression of male and female leaders”), this research aims to examine the effect of a leader’s level of emotional intelligence and leadership effectiveness on follower job satisfaction.

This study aims to determine the relationship between emotional intelligence (EI) on leadership effectiveness and to inspect its influence on job satisfaction levels for military leaders (officers) within Pakistan Army. The emotional intelligence abilities of leaders will be studied through Emotional Competencies Profiler (ECP). Leadership
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