Proposal On Police Brutality

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Ever since I was a little boy I heard from my parents and family members that police officers are the most scariest person on earth they usually jolts us by stories which was a way to discipline us, the concept of police officers at that time was reflected as your worst nightmare ever encounter which is a lowest standard that depicted ages ago. Nowadays it’s different as for the Samoan saying “Ua ao Samoa” Everything has come into light, people starting to know and expose to the law and its functionality, that’s why it is essential for the Samoa Police Service to step up and improve its standards. Excessive force and police inhumaneness have mutual terms for anyone keeping up with today’s existing events, the use of force is inescapable in police work. In many circumstances the lives of officers or civilians can be seize by not using force when necessary or using it improperly. Many issues come into composition when an officer chooses to use force. These consist of
• is the using of such force is justified
• has the officer been properly trained to use necessary force
• will the Ministry of Police be held liable if the force is used improperly?
So is it necessary to implement such Use of Force Policy and why is it important? How can it benefit us? What are the cost? These are some of the questions that is crucial for this proposal.

Most of Police brutality and excessive force cases been covered by media, as we all know that media holds the power of
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