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Done by Ricci Wapnick [Pick the date] King David Linksfield High School Grade 12 Life Orientation Research Task 2016 Research Topic: A critical analysis of the effects of the Banting diet on adults and teenagers Table of Contents Subsection Page Number Introduction: • Motivation 2 • Aims of Research 2 Literature Review 3 – 11 Methodology 11 – 12 • Sample Questionnaire • Sample Letter of Consent Presentation of Finding Results of Primary Research (Questionnaire) Analysis, Interpretation and Discussion of Findings Conclusion • Limitations • Recommendations Reference List Appendix List • Plagiarism Reports • Research Proposal • Completed Letters of Consent Introduction Motivation: I have chosen to…show more content…
In 1974, Robert Atkins reintroduced the Banting diet and then in 2010, the Banting diet was reintroduced by Tim Noakes. Tim Noakes initially experimented with the diet and as a result, he lost 15 kilograms of weight in 5 months and felt that he could retain his weight loss without depriving himself of food, because by eating fewer carbohydrates and more proteins, it suppressed the feeling of hunger. Therefore an increase in protein in one’s diet will decrease the feeling of hunger and in turn one is more likely to lose weight. However, Tim Noakes refers to his discovery as an ‘untested theory’ suggesting that not much research has been done on the Banting diet. Tim Noakes says that this diet is not the ‘blanket advice for everyone’ because if you revert back to your original eating habits, you will put on the weight that you…show more content…
This source has limitations as it comes from IOL website because many people do not have access to the internet and do not know about the IOL website. Additionally the IOL website is a news provider and is not from an academic paper. However, the information is pertinent to the research about the Banting diet as it gives the pros and cons of the diet. The website also acknowledges that the information that it is giving has been taken from Tim Noakes’s articles in Discovery Health magazine and on Health24 and was used with Tim Noakes’s permission which reflects the reliability of the

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