Proposal On Workplace Bullying

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Quantitative Research Article “Hospital nurses’ attitudes, negative perceptions, and negative acts regarding workplace bullying” Critical Appraisal
Workplace bullying affects both the victims and the organizations. The study by Wa, Wang, and Chein (2017) aimed to provide safe, productive, and anti-bullying workplaces by developing intervention programs integrating bullying preventative measures considering nurses’ attitudes, perceptions, and actions. I chose this article because bullying and incivility are common complaints received by my professional nurses’ organization. Unfortunately, the majority of complaints are from nurses being bullied by other nurses.
Problem Statement
Problem statements express “the dilemma or troubling situation that needs investigation and that provide a rationale for the new inquiry” (Polit & Beck, 2017, p. 77). Workplace bullying is a prevalent problem in today’s work places and the “predicament of bullying” occurring in workplaces is having adverse effects on the victims and the organizations (Wa et al., 2017, p. 1). Consequences of this problem lead not only to negative effects on the bullied victims but also contribute to a “decline in overall employee morale and a change in organizational culture” (Wa, et al., 2017, p. 2). The knowledge gap, identified by Wa and colleagues (2017) regarding workplace bullying is failing to investigate the correlation between the variables under a sound theoretical framework. This study would

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