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Research Proposal Yacht clubs as a building types with a detailed study of Royal St George Yacht Club in Dublin Introduction Until 1600s sailing was predominantly associated with transportation, however, in the 17th century the idea of sailing for private pleasure started to appear in the Netherlands. King Charles II of England, being in exile in the Netherlands, came across this new fascination of the local aristocracy. In 1660s he returned to England and was restored to the English crown. On his coronation he was presented with a yacht called Mary by the Dutch, which he sailed enthusiastically on the Thames. Sailing for private pleasure soon became fashionable among his courtiers, who followed his example. One of the courtiers was believed to be Murrough O’Brien, the 6th Lord Inchiquin. On his return to Cork, he brought the fascination with private sailing to the Cork Harbour. By the early 18th century the sport of sailing had become so popular that his great grandson, the 26 year old William O’Brien, the 9th Lord Inchiquin, and five of his friends got together to establish ‘The Water Club of the Harbour of Cork’. This club became later known as the Royal Cork Yacht Club and is generally considered to be the oldest yacht club in the world. Considering Irish rich history as the birthplace of the world’s first yacht club, and Ireland’s access to water, Ireland is a great location for studying yacht clubs as a building type.

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