Proposal To Help End World Hunger By Eric Alterman

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In order to help end world hunger, I propose all governments send their best scientists and most successful business leaders to discuss how to create a food replicator.
Atlerman, E. (2012, 09 20). Think Again: Ignoring Poverty and Hunger. Retrieved 05 11, 2016, from Center for American Progress:
One solution to developing something to end world hunger is to basically ignore the problem of people not having the ability to find food for their families. In the article “Think again: ignoring poverty and hunger” by Eric Alterman, he talks about how those that live in genuine poverty go hungry every day. During 2008, a report said that more than half of all Americans experience poverty by the age of 65. More often than not, the poor do not know how to ask for help. Nor do they willingly take advice. Many poor individuals grew up poor and/or homeless and therefore, know of no other way to
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Kabugi Salome Waithera wrote about how important agriculture is in second-world countries and that without proper irrigation and planting techniques, communities and villages will most likely either disappear or become nomads. Mr. Waithera states that teaching agriculture to students of all ages will help provide the needed education on how to provide food. He mentions that in Africa, agriculture is taught to primary-age students but not to older-age students. He advises that many secondary education students who are studying agriculture and husbandry often return to their villages or communities to help teach others. This is an amazingly feasible solution to end world hunger. If more wise teach the uneducated, and if the uneducated are willing to learn, hunger will cease to
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