Persuasive Essay On What Should Be Done To Stop School Shootings

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“It’s almost prom,” said Chloe excitedly. “I hope Jackson asks me this year.” “Oh shut up Chloe, you know he will, he has asked you for the past three years,” said Avery. The two girls strolled down the hallway and into the cafeteria. As Chloe was walking into the lunch room there were rose petals scattered on the floor. At the opening of the lunchroom stood Jackson, holding a crown and a poster asking Chloe to prom. Of course, the answer was yes, she thought she was the luckiest girl on earth, but that changed in a blink of an eye. As the bell rang to be dismissed from lunch, there was a sound in the distance, gunshots were in the school. The students panicked, ran, and hid to keep safe. As Chloe ran with Jackson trying to hide, they were stopped in the middle of the hallway by the gunman. Jackson began to desperately plead for both of their lives, but it was too late. The gunman took both of their lives that day. School shootings have become a major topic throughout the United States. We, the people, have to stand up and do something about the protection of our children's’ schools. Many can see that the government,…show more content…
Guns have grown into a major part of our society for many different things. As a result, we can make a stricter law on the guns and have more security. The article facts from “The Washington Posts” states that 13 people were killed at a high school in Littleton, Colorado in 1999 (Berkowitz 2018) In another article “Everything Town Research” states that there have been 299 school shootings in America since 2013. Just in 2018, there have been 26 school shootings. The number of school shootings continues to rise as the years go along. Guns are not just used for hunting anymore, but for a variety of different reasons. Guns have become a necessity in the current world, so they are constantly being carried around and used more

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