The Four Types Of Oceanography

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Seventy percent of the Earth’s surface is occupied by oceans. However only five percent have been explored by oceanographers. Oceanography is a type of science that deals with the ocean. There are four different fields of Oceanography. They include Biological Oceanography, Chemical Oceanography, Marine Geology, and Physical Oceanography. Like any type of science, new technology is constantly being developed. Examples of these discoveries include the “Ground Penetrating Radar,”, and new submarines like the Alvin. Technological developments, have led to substantial advancements in the four major types of Oceanography, Biological Oceanography, Chemical Oceanography, Marine Geology, and Physical Oceanography. Biological Oceanography is a type…show more content…
Measuring and monitoring the levels of the seafloor requires advanced technology (Goldberg). Marine Geology has a direct correspondence with deep sea drilling operations. Most of the information found is used by oil companies to find optimal drilling locations. There are several different instruments used to find prime drilling locations and the exact information about the subsurface geology. In previous years, there have been numerous different advances to increase the effectiveness in computer software and data transmission to increase the quality of information about the ocean floor. One of these instruments is called the “Ground-Penetrating Radar.” This instrument uses radio waves to map the internal structure of the seafloor. These radio waves travel to the ocean floor, and bounce back letting the software know what the internal structure and geography of the ocean floor looks like. Prior to this instrument, it was very difficult to figure out the internal structure of the ocean floor. The SASW, otherwise known as the Spectral Analysis of Surface Waves, is an instrument that measures the “soil deposits and stiffness characteristics on the ocean floor.” These are especially useful for depicting sand deposits that previously, were hard to depict (“Technology and Tools”). This idea of using sound waves to to decipher the depth of the ocean was used in World…show more content…
Technology that one may use in this field include Moorings and Buoys. Scientists use moorings and buoys by setting them afloat and anchoring them down. They have a line running from the anchor to the floating device. Along this line, oceanographers put a number of instruments that “allow researchers to measure such properties as water velocity, salinity, and temperature in several places and for long periods of time” (“Tools and Technology”). Advancements in technology have allowed oceanographers to make new discoveries such as Rossby
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