A Career In The Veterinary Profession

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Veterinary science is a unique and essential health profession. It contributes to human health, welfare and well-being of both animals and humans. It protects people from risks associated with animals and animal products. Serving the needs of both animals and people it is the widest ranging and widely encompassing of all the health profession.
The diverse career opportunities in the veterinary profession are:
1. State veterinary service
There are opportunities for graduates to be employed as state or provincial veterinarians in regime service. As state veterinarians they have a duty to offer essential regulatory services related to the diagnosis, surveillance, monitoring, control, prevention and eradication of notifiable diseases and also import
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Veterinary public health
Food surety and the output of intellectual nourishment that is safe for human consumption are very important fields in which the veterinarian plays a key role. Veterinarians involved in this field are responsible for ensuring for the care of meat and milk hygiene in abattoirs and milk processing plants and play an important role in the maintenance and advance of animal health on farms and in the control of zoonotic diseases.
Human animal bond is a relationship formed between animals and people and is jointly beneficial to the health and wellbeing of both; it involves emotions and is influenced by behaviours.
The bond between humans and animals can take different forms and can become extremely close. Situations that nurture these bonds are frequent and close contact between the animal and the owner. One can try to adjust their body language when interacting to their pet and rewarding the pet with treats are often as possible, another way to foster the bond is by minimising fear triggers by teaching your pet to remain calm in close proximity with people so that it does not cause stress to the animal. This bond takes time to be established and is linked by the formation of trust that’s built between humans and the
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We use animals for many purposes it can be for breeding, recreational activities, therapy or as service animals but one of the main reasons for forming human animal bond is to create companionship. Unfortunately this use may result in abuse or exploitation of animals.
The critical issues regarding human animal bond are:
• Viewing animals as humans rather than recognizing and understanding the need and normal behaviour of the animal, consequently it leads to:
 Negligence in the sense that you do not provide adequately the needs of the animal in terms of nutrition which can result in malnutrition or overfeeding your animal which results in obesity of the animal and other health problems. Negligence can also cause contracting of zoonotic diseases if you do not treat and prevent the animal from being sick.
 Stress to these animals and
 Worst case scenario death
• Close human animal bonds may cause some animals to become overdefensive of their owners e.g.

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