Argumentative Essay: Should We Legalize Euthanasia?

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A popular debate is revolved around whether or not governments ought to authorize committing euthanasia. This essay will present some arguments that support the belief of legalizing euthanasia. In addition, it will bring forward some of the issues that we are currently suffering as a consequence of prohibiting it. It is the act of putting either human or an animal to death by taking active steps in doing so, or simply by allowing them to die by withholding extreme medical measurements. And for the purpose of this essay, only voluntary euthanasia on humans (taking active steps) will be discussed.
Euthanasia, is a decisive practice of freeing an individual from an unbearable pain and suffering, prohibiting it can only lead to various issues to
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A clear relation has been found between the opinion of physicians, and their actions taken regarding euthanasia requests, which can suggest strong opinions among physicians(1). This can mean that only some patients are going to have their requests fulfilled, which might be thought by the rest of the patients as unfair (1). In addition, Patients are legally justified to ask physicians to perform euthanasia, on the other hand, physicians are not allowed to fulfill this request, which can force patients to seek treatment from physicians who are willing to comply with such demands(1). Furthermore, Doses of pain medications are closely monitored to prevent the act of euthanasia, which may lead to symptoms being poorly treated (8). Overall, all of these factors may lead to poorer doctor-patient relationship, not only can this compromise the quality of the healthcare system, but it can also cause patients to feel lost, and think that their only savior would be to suicide on their own (7) (5). Without the involvement of physicians, these attempts of suicide can most likely involve a tremendous amount of pain to the patient, and may cause more distress to the families as well, since this act of suicide can occur suddenly and in cruel

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