Down With Animal Testing Is Inhumane

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Down With Animal Testing There are certain things about animal testing that the community doesn’t know. Some people know what happens to those animals and they don’t want to face what happens. The inhumane treatment of animals used for research is well documented. There are many pros and cons considering the use of the animals in medical research. Animals shouldn’t be used for testing because it’s inhumane and it will make the population go down. Studies of animal testing have been recorded saying that they could be wasting their time on making medical substances to help human diseases. If they found out that it was a waste of money and time, it would prove that using animals for testing is inhumane. This is also unnecessary. The great …show more content…

There has been over a million animals that have been tested, and some have died because of the medicine they have been exposed to. If many of the animals have died, then the people that work for the hospital or the vets have to get those dogs, and get rid them. The people would have to get more animals that are nice and healthy. There are many scientists who believe their work can’t be complete without animal testing. Many people think that animals should be tested because some substances may be harmful to humans if not thoroughly tested for safety. Other medications may have no curing effects at all. People want to use animals, because they are biologically like animals in many ways. However, abuse is rampant in the scientific research area. However, evidence still shows that ninety-five percent of an animals are not covered by the AWA. Without the AWA, the Animal Welfare Acts, animals are left vulnerable to …show more content…

A different approach to research is needed to bring relief to animals and to preserve animal species. People think that animals have no rights, because they are a lower species than humans. Other people think that animals have feelings, thoughts, goals, needs, and desires. Animals have those, because they basically have the same function as humans. If the animals had those feelings, then they should have respect. People think that animals should be respected, not exploited, not exploited because of the selfishness of humans. Tom Regan said, “Animals are subjects of life just as human beings are, and a subject of a life has inherent value. They are. . . ends in themselves” (qtd in Orleans 26). Therefore, animals' lives should be respected because they have an inherent right to be treated with

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