What Is The Death Penalty Pros And Cons

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Climate change is a huge issue around the world. It is melting the polar ice caps, which is rising the sea level wiping out cities along the coastline. Also because of the ice caps melting many animals that live on it are going extinct. The animals that don’t live on the ice caps are also going extinct because they can’t adapt at the alarming rate that the climate is changing. Some animals are starting their migration earlier and other animals are going to higher elevations (higher than they should) to get cooler weather. There are some creatures that are thriving because of the heat, one of them is the bark beetle. The bark beetle is killing off trees by eating at the inner bark cutting off its circulatory system, leaving the trees with little to none nutrients to live on. Another thing that is killing off trees is wildfires. The amount of …show more content…

There are also many different sides and views upon the topic. For example, people are for the death penalty because they think that some criminals deserve it. Others think that nobody should be put to death, no matter their crimes. One issue is that it does cost more to have people put to death rather than a life sentence without the chance of parole. Another issue is that there is a small chance that an innocent person could get convicted and sentenced to death killing an innocent man. As a president, I would attempt to eradicate the death penalty. I would do this by letting the people know that it is a risk to have the death penalty because an innocent person could get convicted because he/she was at the wrong place at the wrong time making it look like he/she is guilty. I would also say that being in prison for life is worse than being put out of your misery, and if some were a serial killer I would want them to do the most time in prison they could have. With this information hopefully the people would reconsider how inhumane the death penalty

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