Pros And Cons For The Dismissal Of The UDTPA

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B. DR. STOUT’S ALLEGATIONS DO NOT AFFECT COMMERCE The allegations made by Dr. Stout, even if taken as true, do not affect commerce. Accordingly, dismissal of the UDTPA claim is appropriate. The North Carolina Supreme Court has explained that the UDTPA was intended to apply to only two situations: “(1) interactions between businesses, and (2) interactions between businesses and consumers.” White v. Thompson, 364 N.C. 47, 52, 691 S.E.2d 676, 679 (2010). Consequently, “any unfair or deceptive conduct contained solely within a single business is not covered by the [UTDPA].” Id. at 53. For this reason, North Carolina Courts have exempted disputes arising from the employer-employee relationship from the UDTPA because they do not affect commerce

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