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Top 6 PhD programs in Biology in the US
Doctor of Philosophy in biology lets the students be equipped with the knowledge of a specific field in life sciences. Biology is one of the study areas in the broad discipline of biological sciences. Studying biology in a postgraduate course can be a pathway towards conducting research in a wide range of topics. The PhD degrees prepare the students for great careers in various occupations in research, government and academic institutions. While pursuing PhD, students get the opportunity in the form of teaching or research assistantships. The United States is absolutely an amazing destination to pursue PhD program in biology. A number of US universities offer scholarships, financial aids and assistantships during studies. US universities are the leaders in providing education in biology related studies. Following are listed some of the top US universities offering PhD programs in biology:
1. PhD (Biological and Biomedical Sciences), Harvard University
The Harvard Medical
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This program requires the students to have strong skills in mathematics and computations apart from good knowledge of biology subject. The curriculum of this course is composed of introductory and advanced classes in computational biology including the study of essential subjects such as bioinformatics, genomics, programming languages and others. Within 3 weeks of enrolment, students are required to choose their Special Committee chair. In the first year of studies, students undergo lab rotations where you get the opportunity to conduct PhD dissertation research. As a PhD student, you need to select one major subject and two minor subjects. However, with the permission of General Committee, you may require one major subject and one minor
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