Pros And Cons In Social Media

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1.What are the pros and cons of establishing a business presence in social media?

Everything has its pros and cons, including establish your business in social media outlets. The pros will be social media can help you to increase your customer base. Instead of renting a shop and waiting people to come, by using social media, you can post your product or services online and promote it to everybody including some potential worldwide customers. Next, it save cost. Traditional business is in a shop lot form, it requires rental fees, water & electricity fees and so on. When comes to E business, it save a lot of cost, u don’t need to spend the money for all those fees, you just need to upload your product and services to the social media, its quick
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The globalization also enable people to reach and communicate with the people who are far from your country. So in order to keep up with the competitive market nowadays, we must learn to use every resources wisely including social media. The social media is a great opportunity for business. The future business are very likely to run though internet or social media also. We can run our business through social media, it is a great way to promote our business. Running business through social media cover the activities involving social sharing of content, pictures, or videos for marketing purpose. By using social media, our product will be able to reach more people than just keeping our product in the shop. In other hand, it saves time and cost, by using social media, u can now post your products or ads to the internet or social media and get feedbacks from it instead of renting a shop and waiting for people to walk in. Social media also allows you to get instant feedback from customer. For example, if you launch a new product and share it on social media, you can get to know what your audiences or customer thinks, they will just commend on it. Other than that, sharing content are easier and faster. In the past, marketers always faced a problem which is their product or content are not able to reach to their customer or takes a lot of time. By using social media, it is just a matter of second or minute, as long as they are connected to the internet, they are able to see your content. Lastly, social media enable you to know your customer better. For example, in most of the social media, the users will have their record of gender or age. By this information, you can plan your business strategy to your target

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