Capital Cime The Death Penalty Research Paper

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Jones 1 Dewayne K. Jones Ms Rogers English 4 23 February 2018 Capital cime The Death Penalty Capital punishment is legal in 31 states and banned in 14 different states that leads to a person being legally killed by his/her state or government. The death penalty started in 1608, with the first execution being Captain George Kendall in Jamestown colony of Virginia. Death Penalty… A unusual punishment that leads to someone law abiding, and guilty legally killed. The execution of the death penalty has pros and cons, but also the racial discrimination between different ethnic groups in the world. Gender Bias plays a valuable role in the death penalty It is said that a woman is most likely to commit killing of an intimate partner or a child…show more content…
But in 2010 men committed 90 percent of the 15,094 murders, which is the most recent year that the FBI has data on (¨The Death Penalty Has a Gender Bias¨). Vast majority of people in many different states would prefer the death penalty to be put too end. Some people will agree that life in prison is a worse punishment than being put to death. A case without the death penalty is 740,000 but with the death penalty being brought up to case is roughly about 1.26 million (“death penalty information center”). With tax payers having a increase of 90,000 per year with the death penalty being put to use. That goes into saying killing people is morally wrong, killing people makes the U.S. look like murders who we despise so much. Why kill someone that has killed a person to show killing is wrong. “One innocent family has to suffer the fierce enforcement of their loved one lost. So why make another family feel the burden of their loved one being put to death by state. The U.S. is starting to go back with later laws, like “eye for an eye” getting revenge on one that has done you wrong. In doing so civilization needs to become better advanced in living with each other as a whole. “The death penalty is barbaric and violate the cruel and unusual clause in the bill of rights” (“Should the Death Penalty be…show more content…
The death penalty gives closure to victims and their family who suffered a lot. In doing so most survivors and victims would want justification for the crime they commited. Many people would agree having the death penalty reduces the number of crimes served in the U.S, such people would know the consequences that will led to the outcome of the incident. On top of everything the death penalty helps the prison system into not being so over populated On average there are 2 million total prisoners that is held in each system put together (“prison populations”). The people of america have the right to punish those who truly deserve the punishment. Because some crimes are so overpowering and intolerable that the person deserves to be put to rest. “Currently on California's death row have murdered more than one thousand individuals, of the people were 229 children, 43 police officers, and 294 of victims were sexully assalted (“Pro & Con”). It is best to put down a killer anything less is
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