Pros And Cons Of A Designer Baby

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Having a baby can be exciting, scary and rewarding all at the same time. Every mother or father thinks their child is perfect the way they are. Imagine being able to create a baby with the selected skin color, hair, eye color that you could personally pick. This picking of your child’s traits is now becoming more and more common. A baby who’s gender and traits are picked is called a Designer Baby. The term "designer baby" refers to a baby whose genetic traits have been personally picked by the parents. Genetic engineering and in vitro fertilization ensure there are particular genes or characteristics. In this essay, I will be identifying the pros and cons of a designer baby and the history behind a designer baby. A designer baby is a baby whose genetics have been selected in order to erase a particular defect, or to make sure that a particular gene is present. Parents now can choose the Gender, disease resistance and hair color of their child. For years, reproductive medical services have gotten stronger and…show more content…
At least 55 million people are alive because of IVF.IVF technology has gotten better and better over the years, although it 's still developing, it is also very costly. Usually a specialist performs it. Certain clinics freeze and test the sperm for diseases. “Genetic screening like this has really taken off and helps improve the odds to eliminate a disease that is life threatening and it can improve the effectiveness of the IVF treatment," said Dr. Jessica Spencer, a reproductive endocrinologist at the Emory University School of Medicine 's department of gynecology and obstetrics. Doctors also can tell the embryo 's sex at an early stage. Certain Countries do not let you know the sex of your child until birth because of the high rate of abortions of families who are unhappy with the gender. In the U.S. you can know the gender of your child as soon as

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