Pros And Cons Of A Dubuque Humane Society

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Dubuque Humane Society Over 7.6 million animals are submitted to human societies each year. 2.7 million of them are euthanized because there isn 't enough room for them. Millions of healthy happy animals are put down every twelve second,they deserve better. Instead of putting so many dogs down they could spay or neuter them. Then the population of dogs and cats would stop growing so much. There are two positives about the humane society, One is the volunteering, they have people volunteer so the animals can get more used to being around people.Also getting outside and playing instead of being cooped up in a cage. You can be anywhere from 12 to so on, so the animals can have a variety of ages to see. When volunteering there are lots of things you can do with the animals,mostly dogs. One thing you can do is take them on a walk outside, let them get a nice time away…show more content…
A negative thing is how they put the animals down so quickly. They could receive a stray and if in 3 days it isn 't gone they put it down. They give you a choice when you adopt if you want to spade. They should just spay the animal so they don 't keep getting new ones then their problem of too many animals will be gone.
One concern i have for the humane society is how are they going to keep fitting all the animals in the shelter. They get so many animals that they have to start putting them down. Instead of putting them down they could spay or neuter them. Then they wouldn’t have to worry about so many animals. Another concern i have is, how long do they keep the dogs before putting them down. If you bring a stray dog in, in five days they will put it down. If a dog is seriously ill they will put it down. If a dog spends too much time in the kennel at the shelter then they will tend to get behavior issues, that lead to getting put down. It 's a condition called kennel craziness. Dogs will become very aggressive, or completely gone. Some dogs even begin to circle around there kennel and bit their

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