Medical Emergency Case Study

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informational material concerning what does and does not constitute a medical emergency. This is the thorough diagnosis as opposed to the problem. 2. Develop Alternative Solutions: We need multiple solutions so that if the first one does not work or proves ineffective we can move on to another more valuable solution. Or just to understand the different options available before putting your resources behind one idea. I will present three solutions. First, you could coach the hospital staff on the culture of the hospital and how it is a place of healing no matter what the injury. Second, you could provide an education program for the community about what constitutes a medical emergency so that they do not flood you ER with cases that are not…show more content…
Evaluate alternative solutions: In this section we need to evaluate our alternative solutions so that we can understand all the pros and cons to ensure we make the right choice. Some alternatives may seem appealing but implementing them may not be realistic. Starting with the first option, I think the hospital staff does need some coaching to remember the mission of the hospital but it must be recognized that their department is not being utilized for its intended purpose which can understandably cause resentment and hurt motivation. This alternative is important but should not be the main initiative in my opinion. The second program to provide the community with an education about what constitutes a medical emergency, in my opinion, is beneficial and would potentially stop unnecessary ER visits. I would do more research on other hospitals that have taken this approach and see if it was effective. The final alternative I believe is something we should invest in. It sounds that the individuals should be screened to see if they should be admitted to the ER room. Perhaps directing them to an ambulatory service would be more beneficial. Or rather, suggesting an ambulatory service to them upon arrival if their condition does not seem…show more content…
The method of how you work should remain constant if the task is being completed unless an employee has expressed a way that the process could be completed better. Task Variety- This needs to be changed in that there is a lack of task variety. If people do not have variety in their tasks they feel as though the job is boring and do not find value in it. In this situation that’s exactly what is happening. Workers do not find value in being a sub artist because they are continually doing similar things all day. Add some variety and they may appreciate different positions more or even just enjoy the change of scenery. Task significance- Task significance needs to be reiterated to the employees in a way that really resonates with them. If you do not feel that your task has significance in some way shape or form, how will you be motivated to complete your job to the best of your abilities? Task Identity- The sub shop employee needs to be able to identify with the job. In this situation I would create activities that would help them really identify as not only a part of the sub shop but as a part of the team as well. They need to be able to identify themselves with the job or why would they
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