Pros And Cons Of Self-Driving

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a self-driving car? Well, stop wondering because they are coming in the near future. If you wanted to go to the beach you could just get in the car and sleep, and when you wake up, you’ll be there. This sounds very easy to do but a self-driving car could be complicated. It could get hacked, and you could be kidnapped, or wreck. With self-driving cars there will be fewer jobs for people that have something to do with a car. Also, there would be conflicts between self-driving cars and human drivers, because not everyone will agree on having a self-driving car. Self-driving cars should not replace human drivers. First, a self-driving car could get hacked. In Joseph A. Dallegro’s article…show more content…
Not everyone is going to be convinced enough to have a self-driving car, so there will still be human drivers on the road. Some people would not be able to afford one, or they would get upset that it has to be shared. There are tons of things wrong with self-driving cars that would make people not want one. In the article “Google’s Driverless Cars Run Into Problem: Cars With Drivers,” the authors, Matt Richtel and Conor Dougherty say, “Since 2009, Google cars have been in 16 crashes, mostly fender-benders, and in every single case, the company says, a human was at fault,” (Line 27-28). So yes, it would be safer with self-driving cars because there would not be any humans to cause a crash. Self-driving cars could pick you up and drop you off safely without any problems from other drivers, but humans have a way to communicate with each other while driving: they make eye contact, nod, and wave to another person to go. Richtel and Dougherty also point out how the drivers make silent agreements on who’s turn it is to go, but they say, “ ‘Where are the eyes in an autonomous vehicle?’ he added…” (Line 59). How would a self-driving vehicle know whose turn it is to go? The person inside could not do anything to tell the car it is time, and even if they could, they could make a mistake, and cause a
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