Pros And Cons Of Abolish Death Penalty

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The death penalty has been a part of the judicial system for many years. It is the legal process where the state court system orders execution of a person for a crime he or she committed. A death penalty crime is a horribly brutal and violent crime most people cannot even imagine. These crimes consist of acts like serial killing, mass murder, and other crimes of violent killing. However, Espionage and treason neither are brutal or violent and are considered a death penalty offense. Since 1976, there has been roaring debates over whether capital punishment should be abolished. Currently, there are 31 states that uphold the death penalty. Not all 31 States actively seek the death penalty. Some of those states have not tried a death penalty case or preformed an execution for years. In 1970 there was increasing public demand to reinstate capital punishment, and this paved the…show more content…
I myself find that the facts supporting to abolish the death penalty outweigh any reason to continue to uphold it. With a broken judicial system leading to death row. It is littered with racial and economic hardships inadequacies and flaws innocent people are being sentenced to death court systems bottlenecked with motions and procedures that only prolong the impending doom. Many People argue that the worst of the worst of the worst should be put to death and that there is no reason to hold out with hopes that they will change. Other argue that the we must keep the death penalty for a deterrent. when we examine these facts a little closer we can see that these facts show a broken system leading to a death verdict determined by a group of people given a short one-sided story. We can begin by looking at the argument of the deterrent factor this is one of the biggest and most popular reason many people claim reason to uphold the death
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