Pros And Cons Of Abolishing Sweatshops

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Abolishing Sweatshops Forever 21, Apple and Nike are some of the most popular companies in the US. Chances are these brands appear in daily life and have a big impact on what gets worn and used. These popular brands all have net worths of over ten billion dollars, with Apple being estimated at $900 billion dollars. With these enormous revenues and their ever popular products these companies seem like they have it all; the one thing they don’t tell you is that they use sweatshops and exploit their workers in horrible conditions. These companies have been under investigations about their unlawful pursuits for profit. Popular products seem like a great option and reliable products but the reality is that the workers making your products work for…show more content…
Sweatshops do provide a lot of jobs, but they also make it so employees aren’t able to build and have enough money to buy the extra things that classify a first world nation. Laborers make barely enough to purchase food and clothing, let alone buy an technology or invest in new medicine. Another big reason that people support sweatshops is that they would rather pay less of their hard earned money and would like to save money. The major issue with this logic is that the cost of responsibly sourced items don’t cost that much more. A dress made in a sweatshop at Forever 21 would have “a price tag of $24.90. But it would have cost $30.43” to make responsibly paying the workers at least minimum wage(Kitroeff). There is only a $5 difference between something made under responsible conditions and the other that was made from workers making only $6 an hour. Another big reason to buy items that are made from people being paid respectable wages is that the products are made with more care, and last longer because employees have the time to put effort into each piece. There are no benefits to buying products made in
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