Pros And Cons Of Abolishing The Death Penalty

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The Penalty “Since 2007, a total of six states have decided to abolish the death penalty”( “50 Facts”). There is proof that the Death Penalty violates the 8th amendment as it is cruel and unusual punishment. This happens to be the reason why 6 states have abolished the Death Penalty, and why the rest of America should too. The Death penalty needs to be abolished. It is unethical, cruel, and unnecessary. In a like manner, injecting another human being with deadly poison is extremely cruel and atrocious. 7% of all criminals who are executed with lethal injection die a harrowingly painful death. That doesn 't seem like a lot but in the big picture it most definitely is. “In 1995 alone, 315 convicts were put to death”( “Death 's Dominion” ).
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