Pros And Cons Of Abortion

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Abortion is known as being the termination of pregnancy. If a woman becomes pregnant and does not wish to go through with it, then she may choose to terminate her pregnancy. For this reason, abortion is widely discussed in the western societies, as the rates of abortions are going up. Studies show that every third women in the United States of America will have an abortion in her lifetime. Some people say it is okay to abort a baby but others are strongly against it and consider it as murder. There are many pros and cons for this matter. Therefor the question arises if a woman should have the right to abort?

The pro-life supporters state that an abortion acts against basic human rights which argue that every human being has a right to live. A mother that chooses an abortion would therefor act against that right and in that case, murder an
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Consequently, its health is dependent on the health of the mother. It cannot survive outside the womb at that time, so it cannot be regarded as a separate human being. Most neuroscientists believe that “the cortex is necessary for pain perception and it does not become functional until at least the 26th pregnancy week” (Wisniewski). From this we can conclude that the fetuses that are aborted in the first two trimesters do not suffer in the process because they cannot feel anything like pain.
If a woman wishes to have an abortion she will find a way to get rid of the baby, no matter if it is legal or not. Hence the access to a professionally-performed abortion, and therefore also a legal one, reduces maternal injury or even death caused by an unsafe, illegal abortion. In 2004 the World Health organization estimated that unsafe abortions caused 68,000 maternal deaths worldwide in just one year. Many of those are performed in countries in which woman have no access to legal abortions or they cannot effort to pay

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