Pros And Cons Of Abortion: Pro Life

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Alyza Ramirez Mr.kegley 3rd period 9-18-15 Abortion: Pro-Life When it comes to abortion I believe in pro-life, that abortion should be illegal in the United States. In my opinion i believe that abortions should be illegal in the United States because its not right to take a child's life even if the child was not planned, I will explain the pros and cons of having an abortion and the negative effects it has on a woman. One effect that abortion can lead to is “medical complications such as heavy bleeding, incomplete abortion, anesthesia, and in some situations death”. “It can even go as far as having breast cancer, liver cancer, or placenta previa”. Having an abortion can also lead to “emotional complications…show more content…
If a girl under age conceives a baby i don't agree that abortion should be an option, for the simple fact the following measures should be taken to prevent pregnancy such as protection of condoms, birth control, or other preventions should have been used. When an under age girl decides to have sex she should be responsible from getting pregnant so that she shouldn't think of abortion as an option. As an adult a girl over 18 should also be responsible so that abortion is never an option, i don't believe the morning after pill should be used because preventable measures were not used before. I have been contemplating several scenarios in my head, but my decision is still firm that abortion should not be an option even if a woman is raped. In God's words a baby is always a blessing. “Behold, children are a gift of the Lord , the fruit of the womb is a reward”. (Psalms 127:3 the holy bible) “God is against any and every abortion even in the event of rape”.” You shall not commit murder”.(Exodus 20:13-15 Holy bible) If a woman is committing adultery outside of her marriage and becomes pregnant, abortion should not be an option because she was not faithful and it wasn't the baby's…show more content…
I don't think they should because why have an abortion when you weren't responsible to prevent that from happening , i think abortions should be illegal in the United States because its not right to take away a child's life because you weren't responsible. People who are pro choice think it's up to them to make the choice because it's their responsibility but why should they make that choice if they weren't responsible in the first place, and why do that to an innocent baby because if that were you i'm sure you would want to live. People are taking that choice away from a baby that could have a good future and will be happy they're
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