Sex Education Dbq

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The famous line from the classic 2000’s film Mean Girls, “Don 't have sex, because you will get pregnant and die!” mirrors the current state of sex education in America. Right now, only 24 US states mandate sex education, and the majority are abstinence only, as opposed to a comprehensive program. There are critical differences between comprehensive and abstinence-only sex education. Comprehensive sex ed provides age appropriate information about abstinence, contraceptives, reproductive choice, various sexualities, relationships and puberty. All is information is to be scientifically based and medically accurate. Meanwhile, abstinence only sex ed solely stresses the idea that sexual abstinence is the only way to completely avoid unwanted pregnancy…show more content…
Since the 1960’s, premarital sex has increased in popularity and the average marriage age increased as well. People started having sex earlier and getting married later, and that gap continues to grow as time goes on (Source A). Source G confirms that about 47% of American high schoolers are already having sex. This statistic, no matter how much it rises or falls, proves that there will always be sexually active students that require information on how to do so safely. Conservative sources will emphasize the fact that the majority of high schoolers are still virgins, but this majority is made up by a thin margin, and in reality this fact means nearly half of the US student population is sexually active. The likelihood of an effective abstinence only sex ed is statistically improbable in this day and age, given the fact that more than 80% of 19 year olds have already become sexually active (Source A). This statistic can be paired with the fact that the average marriage age is 26.5 years old for women and nearly 30 years old for men. Abstinence only policies may have seemed like a strong idea many years ago, when the concept of sex ed was just being formed, but now society’s morals have shifted. Years ago, when a girl became pregnant out of marriage, she had no other option than to get married, give up on her dreams, and raise her child. Now, there are many options for unwanted pregnancy, including adoption, abortion, or simply working hard and keeping the baby. There are also organizations like planned parenthood that exist to help mothers in need. The idea of a single parent is now generally accepted as well, and women are able to work and and be independent while caring for themselves along with their babies. Additionally, birth control is easier to access and has grown more effective over time by scientific advancement. Sexually active females can now
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