Pros And Cons Of Acne Diet

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Acne Diet: Healthy Eating = Healthy Complexion

Science has yet to explain the direct relation of acne and a person’s diet but evidences are starting to pile with regard to the pros and cons of eating particular kinds of food. Based on some clinical researchers, it seems justifiable to consume a low-glycemic diet that is filled with lots of vegetables and fruits. Omega-3 fatty acids are also a must in a person’s diet, whether or not that person has acne or not. Supplementation is also highly recommended especially for zinc gluconate (about 30 mg daily). Does this mean that acne diet is now achievable?

Your acne-free diet is a way of eating wherein acne will improve or soon be eliminated. There are ongoing debates in the medical industry
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These proved that chocolate has no effect on facial breakouts. In essence, it is not chocolate, per se, that hurts your complexion but the sugars and fat that it often contains that actually do the damage. From this, scientists were led to discover vitamins and minerals that could probably help.

The Islander Diet

Did it ever cross your mind why those who live in the Pacific Islands do not suffer from acne even during their puberty? To answer this wonderment, try comparing the Western diet with the Pacific Islands diet – you are bound to find significant differences.

The ethnic peoples have very low occurrence of acne because they have a plant-based diet. These are low in sugars and fat, a diet that is opposite that of the Westerner’s daily plate. Americans dine heavily on meat, refined sugar and saturated fat. Processed foods are commonly consumed, too. By observing these differences, researchers and doctors have come up with suggestions with regard to dietary changes in order to improve, if not to completely eliminate acne.

Nutritionists and dermatologists have joined forces in the development of a list of healthy foods that could be beneficial to your complexion. Foods to avoid have also been listed
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Fiber can effectively clean the colon and could even flush toxins out even before they surface on your complexion.

• The low fat diet is also beneficial. People from cultures that ate low-fat diets showed less incidence of acne. Fat is known to elevate hormones in the body which bring about skin blemishes.

• Steer clear of peanut and its byproducts. Peanut products have been observed to bring about acne flare-ups. A study involving 500 adolescent subjects proved just this.

• Veer away from fried foods since these are one of the leading causes of breakouts.

• Control your salt intake especially if you are using iodized or table salt. A lot of people with acne have elevated iodine levels in their bloodstream so it would be best to keep the salt shaker away from the dining table during meal times. Say no also to salty snacks like chips, salted popcorn, even canned foods.

• Say no also to cheese, milk, ice cream and other dairy products.

• Free your fridge from processed carbs such as candies, soda, and baked goodies. These sugary snacks can easily raise your insulin levels, thus, leading to spiked acne-causing hormones in your body.

On the other hand, here are the nutrients that will help you avoid acne

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