What Are The Disadvantages Of Holidays

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According to those in the travel business, the nature of the average ‘Holiday’ is changing. Rather than seeking a relaxing break in a faraway place, people now want excitement on their holidays and are keen to participate in unusual and challenging activities.
Do you agree or disagree?
Holidays are time which everyone seeks to get away from monotonous routine. In most cases youth always look for an adventurous holidays whereas older people want relaxation. As per me, both are acceptable and have pros and cons. Let us discuss it in detail.
Vacation is a period which everyone enjoys as it gives them time which they can spend with complete freedom and enthusiasm. For youngsters these days, adventurous trips are more loved. It is because they are
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Reason being such trips give them a different atmosphere where they can get away from the hustle and bustle of cities because normally people choose areas or places which are close to nature. Apart from it, People go for such breaks as they want to get away from their stressed life and enjoy with family and friends. Furthermore, it is not as expensive as the adventurous trips are. It does not require any equipments or specific bookings; they can go to any place of their interest. In addition to it, it actually helps them to rejuvenate themselves and get back to their routine with more enthusiasm and energy as these kinds of places help them to channelize their energy and makes them mentally relax whereas adventurous breaks make them more…show more content…
Initially, Museums provide lots of information regarding our culture and traditions and they also need maintenance so to cover that expenses fee is charged which in a way is beneficial for our country. Furthermore, the one who visits museum will feel more enthusiastic about learning something from museums as regard to free entry as people do value money a lot and take care of where they are spending it and whether it gives fruitful results or not. Apart from it, level of tourism will also enhanced and even it will also boost respect among people regarding our history and culture as they will pay to visit museums somehow contribute towards
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