Pros And Cons Of Advertising In India

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PROS AND CONS OF ADVERTISING IN INDIA ABSTRACT: Advertising is any paid form of non-personal presentation of ideas, goods and services by an identified Sponsor (Kotler). It is one of the strongest tools in the hands of marketers by way of which they use to communicate their product, service policies and various schemes to their consumers Advertising is the best way to let the consumer know the product well. The more we advertise, the more people will know the product. The bigger the demand, the more income the producer gets. Money spent on advertising is money well spent. Thus, it is a good idea to spend money on advertising.. Advertising assists a rapid distribution of goods at reasonable prices. It draws attention to new ideas and so…show more content…
They raise the standard of living of people by drawing attention to new products and ideas. They increase the demand for goods and more workers are needed to produce goods so they provide employment. They pay for many services such as transporters, porters and sellers. Daily newspapers, television license fees and bus fees remain cheap because of advertisements. They also keep up the quality of the goods and services we use. There are many advantages of print advertisements. Newspaper readers are more likely to consider information in advertisements seriously. Print advertisements are concrete, and therefore, readers are able to pick the paper back up and read it a second time, or whenever is convenient for them. All of the information will always be right in front of them. But radio and television give impermanent information and if you miss it, you don 't have a choice when you can hear it again. Newspaper readers are usually older, better educated, and higher earning than television and radio audiences. Magazines have all of the same advantages of newspapers including a longer shelf life, which means that it stays in use longer. Also, people share magazines so more people are exposed to the ad, and the ads in magazines have the potential to be more glamorous than
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