Pros And Cons Of Aerospace Engineering

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Aerospace engineering
What’s aerospace engineering?
Aerospace engineering includes the design of planes, missiles, satellites, spacecraft, and more. It involves the development of technologies, such as building quieter, more efficient engines. Aeronautical engineering centers on airplanes, astronautic engineering, on spacecraft.
Career options
AERODYNAMICS ENGINEER | Design, construct, and test planes, missiles, and spacecraft. Research for airplane design, looking for ways to improve testing equipment and techniques.
MECHANICAL ENGINEER | Design power-producing machines, such as generators, internal combustion engines, and turbines. Design building machines, such as elevators and escalators.
AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEER | Design, develop and build buses, cars, trucks, and more, throughout the product lifecycle. They specialize in systems, such as engines or structural design.
Profs and pros:
Paula Canter, Boeing:
John McPherson, TEK Systems:
What can I do now to prepare for study in aerospace engineering?
Excel in advanced math and science courses. Algebra, calculus, geometry, and trigonometry courses will help. Also, biology, chemistry, and computer mathematics.
Resources for aerospace engineering
How We’ll Live on Mars, by Stephen Petranek
The Wright Brothers, by David McCullough
Top aerospace
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